Island escape: Himakajima

Himakajima octopus
You can fish and dry your own octopus on the island. At the same time they create a specific atmosphere in the streets of Himakajima.

You will have a hard job counting all the octopus images on this tiny island. Even the police station is shaped like one. Octopus and fugu, that is what it’s famous for. The main industries are fishing and tourism. Himakajima makes a nice escape from Nagoya/Toyota. Welcome to the island without traffic lights! (except for one)

Himakajima biking
Rent a bicycle on the island, it’s tiny!

We recommend to rent a bike. You can peddle around the island in less than 1 hour, stops included. Taking your bike on the ferry costs around 1300 Yen, which is more expensive than to rent one.

Himakajima beach
Himakajima beach. You can go on dolphin spotting tours
Himakajima octopus
They have a thing with octopus
Himakajima fugu
Fugu or ‘pufferfish’. Could be dangerous. I always have to think of Homer trying one in ‘The Simpsons’ 🙂
Himakajima octopus
Local children’s art decorates the island

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