Kyoto (2)

Kyoto is considered the most beautiful city in Japan by many. It was Japan’s capital for a very long time, so there are lots of temples, pavillions and gardens that refer to that period. Kyoto is packed with unesco-heritage spots! Nevertheless, the atmosphere in the city is quite relaxed.

Kyoto geisha
Geisha vending machine

It’s only a 2.5h drive away. I have no idea why it took us almost one year to visit this magnificent place for the second time. Last summer it was in the midst of a heath wave. This time we took our umbrellas out. The rain definitely didn’t spoil the magnificence of the temples and gardens and probably freed us from the crowds.

Kyoto rain season
The rain probably saved us from the crowds

This time we would start in the south, stay the night in the center and visit the north part of town on the second day.

First day: south Kyoto

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Japanese schizophrenia

Japanese follow every single hype and they do it with conviction. They queue for anything new. If there is a queue it must be good, so let’s get into the queue! (I would just look for another venue without a queue, but maybe I’m just crazy). Money must be spent on all things kawai. “Kawai” (=cute) is an expression used for children and pets, but also for things such as cute socks or cute food (believe me, that does exist in Japan).

Kawai food
Kawai food menu in Tokyo. Can you guess which one is the rice curry and which one the spaghetti? And no, this is not (only) for children!

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