Yukata party



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On the agenda last week: the 50th anniversary of Oiden Matsuri (Oiden festival). It’s the biggest event in Toyota City, with dance contests – every year the same choreography to the same song! – and a big firework finale on Sunday. Unfortunately the Saturday program was cancelled due to tyfoon alert (which wasn’t a big deal in the end, but hey, it allowed us to cross off some items on our to do list). More important: the Sunday program went ahead. We would be hosting a get-together at our place, as the 22nd floor seemed to be a very popular spot to watch the fireworks. That is how we ended up with a bunch of people drinking Belgian beers, eating sushi, dressed in yukata*, watching one of the world’s biggest fireworks. City on fire!

* A yukata is the summer version of a kimono (made of coton instead of silk) and you don’t need special origami-skills to put it on. Even so, we were happy to get some help from our Japanese friends. Is this the Japanese version of a pajama party? 🙂

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