Miyoko and Floris
The first Japanese guest in our home! Love her, and Floris obviously loves her too.

Yesterday’s personal milestones:
– I booked a hotel speaking only Japanese on the phone. At least I think I’ve booked it, because it went a little easier than I had expected.
– I’ve driven the car for the first time without Stan (but with the baby). Apart from turning on the windscreen wipers a few times instead of the winkers, it went well. Just have to remember to look to the left and then to the right when crossing. On the way back from the museum I even gave a ride to a woman I’d met in the exhibition.
– That woman was Miyoko. She’s from Nagoya and had traveled to Toyota for the first time just to see the Breughel exhibition before closing day (can you believe it: Breughel in Toyota?!). She has seen half of the world and speaks four different languages. We made a deal: she will teach me Japanese and I will help to freshen up her French. She is a very bubbly, kind person. I gave her a ride, invited her over and that is how our first Japanese guest entered our home. She even stayed for dinner (which was a bit crappy, our stuff will finally arrive tomorrow). Who knows she will turn out to be my first Japanese friend!

Breughel exhibition
Belgium (Dilbeek-Itterbeek) just around the corner in Toyota, Japan. What are the odds?!

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