Why we don’t cheer for Belgium in the World Cup

World Cup
At times we could cheer in broad daylight: last day in Belgium Tunesia vs. Belgium.
Because we can’t! Due to the time difference, it’s hard to watch most of the games. When the Belgian Red Devils face England on Thursday evening, it’ll be Friday 3 AM in Japan. Unless our own little devil happens to be awake at that time, I guess we’ll miss it. It sucks, but on the other hand we have plenty of other interesting things on our mind, like eating fresh sushi every day 😉

We hope Belgium doesn’t win*, just because we’re selfish and we don’t want to miss this milestone and the euphoria that goes with it. Getting drunk on Japanese beer just won’t be the same, let alone celebrate this victory without our friends. The only possible benefit I could think of, is that we would recognise fellow Belgians in a heartbeat!

* of course we want our team to win! 😉

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